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Data Protection & Privacy Statement

How we manage your details.


Upon arranging an initial consultation with you, we ask for your name, your address and your telephone number and / or your email address. 
Having met with you and sent you our fee estimate, we retain your details until you appoint us to deal with your project. 
If you decide not to appoint us immediately we will retain your details for a reasonable period of time in case you decide to come back to us at a later date.

Upon appointment to deal with your project(s), we keep your name, your address and your communication details on a job document file and digitally upon our own computer system for the purposes of handling the project(s) you commission us to deal with on your behalf.

We will hold your details in our own paper and digital archive systems for future reference in the event of any construction and / or post-construction issue(s), or in case you need any replacement documentation. 


Sharing your details.


We do not share your name, your address, or your communication details with any third parties located either in the UK, the EU or anywhere outside the EU, except those third parties listed below in accomplishing your project(s) only ...

  • Your local Planning Authority; either Pembrokeshire County Council Development Management, or Pembrokeshire Coast National Park Authority Development Management.
  • Pembrokeshire County Council Building Control.
  • Specialist Consultants appointed specifically upon your project(s).
  • Building Contractors and Specialist Suppliers engaged specifically upon your project(s).

We have no control over the privacy policies of these parties, so should you wish to learn about their respective privacy policies we recommend that you should visit their respective websites.

We do not quote your name on any of our project drawings or associated supporting information. But we are required to include your property address on our drawings and supporting documents, simply for the purposes of seeking all approvals for your project(s).


Protecting your financial details.


We do not require your bank details and will not ask you for them.

Payments against our invoices are accepted via BACS (preferred), by cheque, or by cash if you wish. 
BACS transactions do not show your bank details on our bank statements or on our internet banking system, only the name and reference you enter. 
If you prefer to pay by cheque, although your account number and sort code are shown on your cheque(s), we assure you that we will not record these.

In addition, other than your name and a unique project reference number, your details do not appear in our accounting system.


Digital Protection.


In addition to our computer systems being kept protected against theft, these are also fully covered by reputable comprehensive virus and security protection systems.  
We ensure that our virus and security systems are updated regularly.

There is no third party access to our computer system and visitors to our premises are not encouraged.

We have a SSL Encryption Certificate registered against our principal website domain name.

We have two secondary domains, which are set to link through automatically to our principal domain.




1&1 Internet Ltd., our website hosting company, confirms that our ‘1&1 MyWebsite’ does not use profiling cookies that you would be required to accept. 
We also understand that 1&1 Internet Ltd. will not place cookies upon your device(s) either.


Portfolio Photography.


In the event that we request your written permission to take photographs of your completed project(s), for inclusion in our Project Portfolio and on our website, we assure you that we will not publish your name or the precise location of your property.


Your right to have your details removed.


We do not use your contact details to remind you of our services via email and we do not ask you to register an online account with us.

But, we'll remove your details from our files if you ask us to do so. Just drop us an email or call us.


Please contact us if you require any additional information.

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Roger E Stephens Architectural & Technical Services

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