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Building Regulations:

Whilst most building projects require Building Regulations Approval, some categories of work may be exempt.  But you must seek advice!


Current Building Regulations Approved Documents are available to view and download free at (ensure that you select the Welsh Site!).

Wales has its own set of Building Regulations Approved Documents, which may now differ in part from those applicable to England.


In recent years, the Building Regulations have become increasingly stringent, particularly in respect of thermal insulation, sound insulation and efficient lighting, plus now fire suppression systems and security in new dwellings. Indeed, regulation updates are constantly being introduced to ensure construction works cause minimal impact upon the environment and further updates are anticipated.

A new Section of the Welsh Building Regulations came into force on 1st November 2018 - Part Q: Security-Dwellings.

Also, Part G2: Water Efficiency has been amended as from 1st November 2018.


Other important issues considered include structural integrity, fire safety, means of escape, means of access for the disabled, means of foul and surface water drainage and conservation of drinking quality water.


To demonstrate compliance of any project with the Building Regulations, in the case of a Full Plans Application, fully detailed scale drawings must be submitted for checking by Pembrokeshire County Council Building Control, or if a Building Notice Application is to be made (see below) details must be agreed with Building Control on site whilst the works proceed. Additional supporting information may be required, such as an Access Statement, Structural Calculations, a Radon Check Report and an Energy Performance Assessment.


In some cases, subject to published categories of work and agreement with your chosen builder, it may not be necessary to submit a Full Plans Application. A Building Notice Application may be acceptable, without any detailed drawings. In either case the same Building Regulations Charges, payable to Pembrokeshire County Council, will apply. 


We'll advise you fully upon our Free Initial Consultation and provide you with our written fee estimate, including details of all likely third party fees and charges.

Structural Calculations:

Structural Calculations will be required with any Building Regulations Application for a project where the structural integrity of elements of the build must be demonstrated. Dependent upon the scheme design, such elements may include special foundation design, wall stability, structural beams and posts / columns and primary roof timbers.


Once we have resolved a working scheme design with you and, preferably after planning permission has been received, we'll obtain fee quotations from our regular Structural Engineers to enable us to appoint a Project Engineer on your behalf.

Radon Check Reports:

The geology of West Wales in general and Pembrokeshire in particular is rather complicated, but significant areas of granite are present. Areas lying over granite sub-strata may cause emissions of radon gas, albeit at very small levels.


Hence Pembrokeshire County Council Building Control routinely require details as to the proposed method of protection against radon gas percolating into a habitable building (or habitable extension) and how any accumulating gas will be acceptably collected and dispersed.


A Radon Ceck Report or Radon Site Protection Measures Report will indicate the level of protection considered necessary for a particular location, usually determined by map reference or postcode. The range of likely results are ...

  • No protection required - a standard damp proof membrane (dpm) installed in the ground floor slab construction shall suffice.
  • Minimum protection required - a good quality radon barrier / dpm shall be installed in the ground floor slab construction, properly dressed and sealed.
  • Full protection required - as Minimum protection, but with the addition of a radon sump installed below the slab, with adequate ducting to the external air.


We'll order a Radon Check Report as part of our Building Regulations Application service and advise you of the modest fee payable during our Free Initial Consultation.


For further information on Radon Gas, visit


Enjoy your visit!

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