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Expert Reports:

Energy Performance Assessments:

In the interests of energy efficiency and fuel conservation, it is important to demonstrate how full compliance with the requirements of the Building Regulations will be achieved on most types of domestic project.


Energy Performance Calculations (also known as SAP Assessments) are a requirement for all new dwellings and extensions where sustantial areas of external glazing are proposed and for any proposal to convert a traditional stone-built agricultural building for habitation.


As part of our service, once we have resolved a working scheme design with you, we'll obtain fee quotations for SAP Assessments from accredited specialist energy assessors on your behalf.


Refer also to details in our Planning Matters and Building Regulations sections.

Ecological & Environmental Reports:

European Protected Species Surveys.


The most common species of concern in relation to any development proposal is likely to be bats - any one or more perhaps of eighteen known species in the UK.

Some of these are more common across Pembrokeshire and each has particular forms of behaviour and roosting habits.

You may already be aware of bat activity in and/or your property, paticularly if it is of 'traditional' character and in these circumstances you should have an initial bat survey carried out by an accredited Ecologist to determine the magnitude of the activity. If such an initial survey (also known as a 'scoping survey') shows no evidence of roosting, a simple report may be issued to that effect, which should satisfy your Planning Authority when submitting a Planning Application. However, where evidence is found that bat roosting is present in the area of your development proposals, then you will need a Full Bat Survey to be conducted by an accredited Ecologist during the survey season between May and September of any year.

All Planning Applications with either PCC and PCNPA are routinely assessed by the County Ecologist, who reports to the relevant Planning Authority.

Even though there may be no bat activity around your own property, the County Ecologist may be aware of activity in your locality, particularly where there are trees, hedgerows and watercourses nearby and she may stipulate that a 'scoping survey' should be arranged with some urgency.

Mitigation measures recommended in a Full Bat Survey Report must be agreed with your project Ecologist and included upon any Planning Drawings for verification by Natural Resources Wales (NRW) within the decision process against your Planning Application.

We'll seek fee quotations from local Ecologists on your behalf as part of our service.


Environmental Reports.


Flood Risk Zone Reports

Hydrology Reports

Geological Reports

Ground Contamination Reports


Any concerns in respect any of the above in relation to your land should be considered and consultant(s) engaged to provide the requisite report(s) in support of your Planning Application.

We will be happy to discuss any such concerns and how to deal with them upon our free initial consultation.

Structural Reports:

A Structural Report will be required in the case of any proposal to convert a traditional stone-built agricultural building for habitation, subject to compliance with current planning policy. A Structural Report must be included with any planning application for such proposals.


Such a report must be provided by either a Chartered Surveyor or a Structural Engineer, following a detailed survey of the building. We usually ask our regular local Structural Engineers to provide fee quotations.

Tree Reports:

BS 5837 Trees in Relation to Construction Surveys


Details of any trees on your own land and adjacent to its boundaries are required on any Planning Drawings and a declaration on this topic must be completed upon any Planning Application Form.

Where there are trees close to the position of a development proposal, a BS 5837 Tree Survey Report is likely to be required in support of a Planning Application to satisfy the application validation process. Such surveys must be conducted by a qualified and accredited arboricultural consultant to identify positions, size and condition of tress and their root zones, all of which will be illustrated upon a plan accompanying a report. Of course, any existing Tree Preservation Orders must also be taken into account.

We will request fee quotations from local accredited consultants on your behalf as part of our service.


Enjoy your visit!

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