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Planning Matters:

In this section we'll tell you about the services we offer to assist you in your quest to achieve significant home improvements, including how we can help you to obtain Planning Permission and Building Regulations Approval.


We'll also tell you how to interact with your particular Local Planning Authority to learn about how to apply for Planning Permission for any domestic development proposals you may have in mind, plus how to apply for Building Regulations Approval for your build once you have secured Planning Permission.


With some 27 different Planning Application Form versions (and yet more being added), it is vital that the correct form is used for your particular scheme proposals otherwise an application will not be validated.


Contact details for the Development Management Departments of the two Pembrokeshire Planning Authorities are shown below.


You can also try viewing the Welsh Assembly Government (WAG) and the Planning Portal (Wales) websites for additional planning policy information. Use the appropriate link on the right.


In addition, use the Planning Portal (Wales) website to access all Approved Building Regulations Documents adopted for Wales. Use the link on the right.


If you know that you have a drain traversing your property, which carries waste water from neighbouring properties and was designated and adopted as a 'Public Sewer' by Dwr Cymru Welsh Water (DCWW) under new legislation introduced in 2011 and 2012, you should contact DCWW to ascertain how to proceed with any proposed project before you apply for planning permission.

Please use the link opposite for direct access to Build Over Sewer (BOS) Guidance.

If you are unsure we'll be happy to help and, as part of a free initial consultation, we'll discuss the implications with you. 

Our Services for Planning & Building Regulations Submissions:

Pembrokeshire County Council Development Management  (PCC)

County Hall

Freemans Way


Pembrokeshire  SA61 1TP


Phone: 01437 764551



Pembrokeshire Coast National Park Authority Development Management  (PCNPA)

Llanion Park

Pembroke Dock


SA72 6DY


Phone: 08345 345 7275





Pembrokeshire County Council Building Control (for all areas of the county)

County Hall

Freemans Way


Pembrokeshire  SA61 1TP

Phone: 01437 764551


Enjoy your visit!

Links for guidance:

For further information on Planning matters outside the National Park.

Pembrokeshire County Council

PCC Planning 

For further information on Planning matters in the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park

PCNPA Planning

For further information on Building Regulations matters across Pembrokshire.

Pembrokeshire County Council

Building Control

For general information on Planning Policy across Wales, including Technical Advice Notes and Supplementary Planning Guidance from the

Welsh Assembly Government

WAG Planning Guidance

For general information on Planning and Building Regulations matters in Wales.

Planning Portal - Wales

Planning Portal Wales

For inforrnation on applications for building over or near any drain designated as a Public Sewer.

Dwr Cymru Welsh Water

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