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Current Projects Diary:

Here's what we have been working on recently and currently, including projects in various stages of construction or 'pending', with progress updated often daily.

Interior and Exterior Alterations to a one-and-a-half storey dwelling ...     St Ishmaels

Our Clients asked us to design for them a phased programme of improvement works, comprising ...


1. Addition of a Ground Floor WC and refurbishment of the existing Bathroom.

2. Creation of a First Floor Shower Room off the Landing.


With only one bathroom serving a family of five, something needs to be done !

We took pre-survey photographs, conducted a Measured Survey and created a set of Survey Drawings.

Following an initial design brief meeting with our Clients, they approved our rough design sketches for the First Floor scheme that involves the virtual removal of four existing attic trusses and construction of two dormer structures.

In light of inevitable roof disturbance, an initial Bat Scoping Survey and a Dusk Emergence Survey were undertaken by a local Ecologist, recording no evidence of activity.

A Building Notice Application was submitted early to cover the whole project, to allow work to begin as soon as possible on installing the new Ground Floor WC, plus refurbishment of the existing Bathroom.

PCNPA Planning Officers  expressed concerns toward aspects of the submitted scheme and recommended that we might consider withdrawal of the application. However, we agreed a slightly different approach in a bid to satisfy all parties, we amended our drawings and submitted copies for further consideration.

Submitting amended drawings allowed PCNPA to invoke a four week extension to the decision period, to which we agreed and Planning Permission is now in place.

Proposed Exterior Renovation of a pair of post-war Airey PRC system semi-detached houses ... Haverfordwest

Following careful initial consultation with our Clients, we created a set of Survey Drawings to record existing conditions and Planning Drawings to demonstrate the proposals.

The existing exterior concrete cladding, together with its supporting steelwork, must be completely removed from these properties, with bolstered foundations and new brick-faced, insulated cavity walling built up to current Building Regulations standards. A specialist contractor will start the works as soon as possible following delays caused by inclement weather conditions on other similar projects.

The inevitable extensive reconstruction processes involved on this type of project triggered the need for a Bat Scoping Survey to be conducted, which fortunately exposed no evidence of any bat activity. A report letter from the Project Ecologist was included with a Planning Application for each house.

With Planning Permission in place, a Building Notice Application has been submitted for each house.

Proposed Garden / Day Room to replace a covered swimming pool ... Near Rosemarket

Following a free initial consultation with our Clients, we were instructed to proceed with resolving a scheme for seeking planning Permission.

We obtained copies of the original plans for the house and later alterations, with the help of Pembrokeshire County Council Development Management, to research the planning history of the current dwelling.

The Survey Stage is completed and we have created set of Survey Drawings to demonstrate the 'as built' conditions.

We resolved a workable scheme, discussing our rough scheme sketches and outline drawings with our Clients. Planning Drawings have been completed and a Planning Application has now been submitted.

We will soon need to seek fee quotations from Structural Engineers and Energy Performance Assessors.

Our Clients are already talking to us regarding other improvement concepts at their property, but that's another story!

Last updated: 11th October 2017

Sorry, but we cannot accept commissions for commercial projects.


Enjoy your visit!

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