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Current Projects Diary:

Here's what we are working on currently, along with projects in stages of construction or 'pending', with progress details updated regularly.

New and Current Projects:

Proposed Extensions to a large bungalow ... Near Spittal

Phase 1:

Workshop Extension to existing Garage.

Phase 2:

Study / Dining Room off existing Reception Room.

Upon receipt of instructions to proceed with this phased project, we met with our Clients to establish their design brief in detail. 

We have also taken exterior photographs and conducted a selective Measured Survey.

Although plans for a separate previously approved scheme drawn up by others are available for general reference, we cannot rely upon their accuracy and, indeed, we have found them to include some fundamental errors. Hence, the need to check all relevant principal dimensions ourselves!

A fresh set of Survey Drawings will be prepared shortly.

Proposed Interior Alterations at a large detached house ... Saundersfoot

Being interior works only, this project does not require planning permission and the works can be undertaken against a Building Notice, without fully detailed working drawings.

Having instructed us to proceed with the preparation of layout design drawings only, our Clients have provided us with copies of previous plans drawn by others, to assist us in conducting a selective Measured Survey. As the property is a holiday let, we must wait for a gap in the letting schedule in order to enjoy convenient access.

Proposed Conversion of an Agricultural Building to two habitable units ... Near Keeston

Having received a written response from PCC to a self-submitted Pre-Application Planning Enquiry, our Clients have instructed us to proceed with their project to seek formal planning consent for converting this agricultural storage building into two habitable units. 

We have already booked regular Ecologist to conduct a full Bat Survey in September and produce a report.

Having conducted a Measured Survey of the building, we have prepared a set of Survey Drawings to record the details of the building and site layout.

PCC have requested a Structural Survey Report to accompany a full planning application and, as this is a fairly modern substantially constructed building, this is a mere formality in accordance with the Local Development Plan. Our Clients are seeking fee quotations themselves from structural engineers or chartered surveyors.

We have begun looking at the proposed interior layout and we've met with our Clients to discuss design concepts in detail before preparing drawings for formal planning submission.

Proposed Development of a small Building Plot ... Goodwick

Our Clients wish to seek Pembrokeshire County Council Outline Planning Permission to allow them to place this plot on the market.

We've obtained Ordnance Survey Location and Site Plans from an online O.S. Agent, plus Water and Sewer Plans from Dwr Cymru Welsh Water (DCWW).

The DCWW Sewer Plan shows that the main sewer network does not readily lend itself to a convenient connection for the benefit of the plot without venturing onto a neighbour's property to reach a sewer chamber. It will be necessary to secure agreements with the property owner and DCWW, but if this fails an 'off-grid' solution will need to be designed with the help of specialist professional advice. The DCWW Water Plan suggests that a water connection could potentially be accomplished, but would require excavation of the access track / public footpath for installing a water feed pipe. 

Our Clients contemplated these issues, accepting that a Pre-Application Planning Enquiry would fully explore the feasibility of planning success and the acceptability of an Outline Application, or whether Pembrokeshire CC may require a Full Detailed Planning Application.

Upon instructions to proceed we appointed a Land Surveyor for the topographic site survey. The survey has now been conducted and we met the surveyor on site to clarify our requirements. Digital files and paper copies of the plotted survey have arrived.

We submitted a Pre-Planning Application to DCWW in early July and we've now received their detailed written appraisal, which is generally favourable.

It has now been determined that the access track is privately owned and we met the owner whilst we were on site with our surveyor. In this knowledge, our Clients will contact the owner to discuss their proposals with him and seeking his agreement to access.

We shall be arranging a meeting with our Clients shortly to fully discuss their project.

Replacement Extension, Alterations & Renovation Works to a Period Cottage ... Angle

Having made a photography visit, we took advantage of a couple of fine February days to carry out a Measured Survey, including critical levels around the cottage.

We determined that the external concrete paths are significantly higher than the inside ground floor level, partially explaining severe damp problems.

Our Survey Drawings completed, we engaged in rough sketching and discussion of design concept ideas with our Clients, enabling us to move forward with our proposal drawings.

Following evidence being found during a Bat Scoping Survey, a Full Bat Survey has been undertaken (sooner than expected) by our regular Ecologist, with two dusk emergence observations (rather than a dusk and dawn) that showed bats leaving roosting sites in outbuildings and from the house roof near the chimney stack. The Ecologist has drafted her Report and shown mitigation recommendations in advance of an application being made to Natural Resources Wales for a Development Licence.

Having assessed the bat mitigation scheme, we've updated our proposal drawings to accommodate the requirements and enable the Ecologist to finalise her Report.

However, a number of final design queries remain to be resolved before we can submit a planning application, in order to avoid planning conditions being imposed unnecessarily, involving some essential updates to the drawings. Indeed, some of these outstanding issues have triggered amendments to the Ground Floor layout and fenestration design.

Given the existing unauthodox drainage arrangement at this location, our Clients are seeking advice from professional sources as to appropriate improvements, as is the case with their neighbours.

Our Clients are researching the concept of installing an air source heat pump to power underfloor heating, plus PV solar panels and have consulted the PCNPA at a surgery session. Little help was offered, but we have suggested submitting a separate planning application in respect of installing these systems.

Our Clients agreed to appoint our regular accredited Energy Performance Assessor and his initial Assessment Report has just arrived. We've digested its content and respond only to our Clients at this stage with queries and suggestions to present to the Assessor.

We're also helping our Clients to choose an appropriate external lighting scheme, with consideration of the bat mitigation requirements - no upward directed lighting will be allowed!

Projects under construction or pending:

Large Garden / Day Room (to replace a covered swimming pool) ... Near Rosemarket

Following a free initial consultation with our Clients, we were instructed to proceed with resolving a scheme for seeking planning Permission.

Planning Permission was received from Pembrokeshire County Council at least three weeks early!

We appointed an Energy Performance Assessor for this project and his SAP Report has been received indicating that no mitigating works need to be carried out on the existing house. The report has been submitted to Building Control.

Our regular Structural Engineer has supplied structural design information and we've drawn a Structural Ridge Detail to clarify the steel connection and the roof insulation specified.

Our Clients have appointed a ground worker and a local builder and our Clients will be in charge of project management.

We submitted a Building Notice Application to PCC Building Control, combined with the Garage project (see below), which was accepted and registered.

The build will start in ernest once the design of a suitable foundation scheme has been resolved with structural engineers and the Building Control Officer.

Detached Double Garage ... Near Rosemarket

A second project for our Clients near Rosemarket.

Firstly, we carried out a feasibility study to determine whether a detached double garage might work satisfactorily in the chosen location. We also conducted further surveying to enable us to create a new Existing Site Plan.

Our Clients initially showed an interest in buying a set of fully detailed plans from an online company that specialises in detached garage designs. However, our discussions determined that a bespoke design would prove more appropriate, given current site layout factors.

Following further discussions on the most efficient layout, we agreed a satisfactory scheme, completed formal drawings and submitted a Planning Application, which was approved surprisingly early - just two days after the end of the consultation period!

We engaged in preliminary advisory discussions with Building Control.  

A design for the raft foundation has been received from our Structural Engineer and the remaining design calculations will follow when our Client is ready.

We submitted a Building Notice Application to PCC Building Control to cover this project and the proposed Garden Room extension (above), which was accepted and registered. 

The Building Control Officer did not feel that a raft foundation was necessary and the build began with conventional concrete strip foundations and floor slab. The blockwork cavity walling has been built up to wall plate level. A local manufacturer is producing bespoke timber roof trusses.

Garden Room & Utility Room Extension ... Camrose

Having taken exterior photographs on a second consultative visit, we conducted a selective Measured Survey, aided by historic plans.

We appointed an Ecologist to conduct a Bat Scoping Survey at an early stage and she has confirmed that a Full Bat Survey will NOT be necessary for this project, as the building is 'tight' and does not present any access opportunities.

Survey Drawings completed, outline proposal sketches discussed with our Clients and proposal drawings prepared, we submitted a Planning Application and a Conditional Planning Approval has been granted by Pembrokeshire County Council, but no specific condition has been raised in regard to the proposed small Package Sewage Treatment Plant. However, our Clients are seeking advice from drainage professionals as to the most suitable system for their requirements.

We've begun issuing copies of the approved drawings to builders for quoting.

New Enquiries:

Last updated:  17th August 2018

Sorry, but we cannot accept commissions for commercial projects.


Enjoy your visit!

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