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Current Projects Diary:

Here's what we are working on currently, along with projects in stages of construction or 'pending', with progress details updated regularly.

New and Current Projects:

Proposed Extension, Alterations & Renovation Works ... Nr Croesgoch

Upon receipt of instructions to proceed, we made a start on the Survey Stage of the project by taking external and internal photographs and conducting a Measured Survey, including a few ground principal levels around the house and check ground floor levels.

Our Clients have provided a comprehensive design brief to clarify their requirements and they found a previous plan amongst their property deeds that has been helpful.

Survey Drawings are now complete and we've posted a set of copies to our Clients.

We've ordered Ordnance Survey Planning Maps from an online OS agent, as there was no copy of a Land Registry Plan with the property deeds.

The setting out of proposal drawings is under way and we've sketched a proposed Ground Floor Plan, which our Clients have seen and commented upon, enabling us to proceed with the preparation of formal Planning Drawings.

Proposed Sun Room & Main Entrance (replacing old conservatory) ... Marloes

As our Clients could not meet us on site, we agreed to visit the property unaccompanied and conduct an initial consultation via email. We took photographs whilst we were on site.

Upon receipt of instructions to proceed with the project, we conducted a selective Measured Survey, studied the existing drainage layout and established vital levels, in order to create a set of Survey Drawings showing the existing conditions and we posted paper copies to our Clients.

Initial design sketches were drawn and emailed to our Clients. Their comments lead to a change in their design brief. So we prepared further design sketches for consideration and our Clients have commented on these too. With a final design brief established, we set out formal proposal drawings toward planning submission.

We met our Clients at the property recently to discuss the final scheme, including a few further alterations. We posted paper copies of our amended drawings to them, to which they expressed their approval enabling preparation and submission of a formal Planning Application.

We received formal acknowledgement from PCNPA, advising that the application was validated on the day of submission.

Proposed Extensions to large Bungalow in a rural location ... Near Spittal

Phase 1:

Workshop Extension to existing Garage.

Phase 2:

Study / Dining Room off existing Reception Room.

Upon receipt of instructions to proceed with this phased project, we met with our Clients to establish their design brief in detail. 

We took photographs and conducted a selective Measured Survey, including a few spot ground levels

Although plans for the property and a separate, recently approved scheme drawn up by others are available for general reference, we cannot rely upon their accuracy and, indeed, we have found them to include some fundamental errors. Hence, the need to check all relevant principal dimensions ourselves!

We prepared Survey Drawings showing the existing views of the Garage and the Reception Wing.

The Ecologist who prepared a Bat Survey Report for the previous scheme by others supplied an Addendum in relation to Phase 1.

A Planning Application was submitted to Pembrokeshire County Council and Planning Permission was received without difficulty.

A Building Notice Application for Phase 1 was submitted to PCC Building Control and has been formally acknowledged. Our regular Structural Engineer has supplied the necessary structural design information and this has also now been submitted to Building Control.

Following meetings with our Clients and the Ecologist, we've begun sketching a design for Phase 2. In light of the time elapsed since the original bat survey, the Ecologist has advised that a further limited bat survey will be required to accompany a planning submission for the Dining Room Extension.

We recently prepared a few sketch proposals and emailed these to our Clients and we await receipt of their comments before moving forward with our formal drawings.

Our Clients have requested both projects to be held in abeyance, pending budgetary considerations.

Projects under construction or pending:

Proposed Development of a small Building Plot ... Goodwick

Our Clients wish to seek Pembrokeshire County Council Outline Planning Permission to allow them to place this plot on the market.

Our Clients accepted that a Pre-Application Planning Enquiry would be a wise first step. 

Upon instructions to proceed we appointed a Land Surveyor to conduct a Topographic Site Survey.

Having obtained DCWW Sewer and Water Plans and summising that there may be difficulties in connecting to the main sewer, we submitted a Pre-Planning Application to DCWW in early July and we received a detailed written appraisal that is generally favourable, subject to further onsite investigations.

It has been determined that the access track is a recognised Public Right of Way.

We prepared an Existing Site Plan based upon the Topographic Survey, plus a Proposed Site Plan.

We attended a strategy meeting with our Clients, at which we agreed upon going ahead with the preparation and submission of a Pre-Application Planning Enquiry to Pembrokeshire CC and a written appraisal has been received.

An LDP policy conflict was identified, meaning that an open market dwelling will not be supported, but there is an opportunity for providing an affordable dwelling in accordance with the strict LDP policies and Supplementary Guidance. 

However, our Clients are interested in the potential of submission of their plot as a Candidate Site under the initiation of the next LDP. Pembrokeshire CC Development Management have invited the submission of Additional Candidate Sites, the original window of submission having closed in 2018. But the Candidate Sites rules deem the minimum site area for an affordable homes development is 0.15 hectare, so at only 0.03 hectare this site is too small to qualify for affordable homes - something that the Pre-App Advice failed to notify.

We are now aware that an adjoining piece of land has already been submitted as a Candidate Site, so this could bouy our Clients' hopes. Should our Clients' site and the one adjacent be accepted under this regime, the settlement boundary would be realigned to include them. 

We prepared and delivered an Additional Candidate Site Submission to the LDP Team at County Hall and we received a formal acknowledgement. The site has been added to the Candidate Sites List and Map.

Public consultation on Additional Candidate Sites has now ended and we await further news from the LDP Team as to their assessment.

Large Garden / Day Room (to replace a covered swimming pool) ... Near Rosemarket

Having resolved a workable scheme design, Planning Permission was received from Pembrokeshire County Council at least three weeks early!

We submitted a Building Notice Application to PCC Building Control.

An accreditted Energy Performance Assessor was appointed to provide a SAP Report, which indicated that no mitigating works are necessary on the existing house. The report was submitted to Building Control and our regular Structural Engineer supplied structural design information for the building, but not the foundations.

However, some three months after submission, Building Control raised some concerns, upon which we received clarification that further information was required to verify wall stability, given the length of the structure.

A foundation scheme design has been received from a new Structural Engineer, which has been approved by Building Control.

Our Clients appointed a ground worker and a local builder and our Clients are in charge of project management. The build has begun cautiously, with an agreement on the foundation scheme with Building Control.

Replacement Extension, Alterations & Renovation Works to a Period Cottage ... Angle

Having carried out a Measured Survey, including critical levels around the cottage, we determined that the external concrete paths are significantly higher than the inside ground floor level, partially explaining severe damp problems.

A Full Bat Survey was undertaken by our regular Ecologist, with two dusk emergence observations that showed bats leaving roosting sites in outbuildings and from the house roof near the chimney stack. The Ecologist provided her Report with mitigation recommendations prior to an application being made to Natural Resources Wales for a Development Licence.

A Planning Application was submitted to PCNPA that was validated without difficulty and Conditional Planning Permission was received requiring a Photographic Record of the existing house for deposit with Dyfed Archaeology (although it is not a listed building), plus confirmation of the final specification for the proposed green roofs to the outbuildings.

We submitted an Application for Discharge of a Condition to PCNPA in respect of the necessary photographic record and formal approval has now arrived - after we had chased the Planning Officer for a progress report -  and the requisite Photographic Record package has been submitted to Dyted Archaeology.

Given the existing unauthodox drainage arrangement at this location, our Clients have sought professional advice as to appropriate improvements, as is the case with their neighbours. Surface water management may need to comply with the new SuDs (Sustainable Drainage System) legislation.

We instructed our regular Structural Engineer to prepare structural design details in respect of foundation design, steelwork, etc. and we met with him to discuss the intricacies of the scheme before he proceeds. In view of anticipated variations to the scheme (including a decision to go for a reinforced concrete raft for the extension), we agreed that he should provide a revised fee quotation. Our Clients accepted this and he has now provided the required information.

The Building Control Officer for the area has already paid a site visit at the request of our Clients and offered advice on elements of the works to be carried out.

Our Clients decided to self-submit their Building Notice Application.

An Energy Performance Assessment is in place and this will be supplied to Building Control, once our Clients have completed their deliberations on specific design issues. 

A Radon Check Report has also been obtained.

Our Clients decided to reduce the size of a set of folding sliding doors and have asked us to amend our drawings accordingly. Such a reduction is not an issue with the Planners.

Garden Room & Utility Room Extension ... Camrose

Following a selective Measured Survey, aided by some previous plans, we created Survey Drawings.

We appointed our regular Ecologist to conduct a Bat Scoping Survey at an early stage and she confirmed that a Full Bat Survey would NOT be necessary for this project.

A Planning Application was approved by Pembrokeshire CC and copies of the project drawings were issued to builders for quoting.

As the gross area of external openings in the extension will greatly exceed 25% of its floor area, we appointed our regular accreditted Energy Assessor to provide SAP Calculations to satisfy Building Control. The Assessment shows that no additional mitigation measures are necessary in the existing house.

A Building Notice Application has been submitted to PCC Building Control and our regular Structural Engineer has supplied a specification for a structural ridge beam, which has also been submitted to Building Control.

Our Clients appointed a building team and the build is progressing quickly.

Proposed Conversion of a Farm Building to 2 habitable units ... Camrose

Upon receipt of a written response from Pembrokeshire County Council to a self-submitted Pre-Application Planning Enquiry, our Clients  instructed us to proceed with their project to seek formal planning consent for converting this agricultural storage building into two habitable units. 

Following a Full Bat Survey and a Measured Survey of the building, we prepared a set of Survey Drawings to record the details of the building and site layout.

We met with our Clients to discuss the interior layout design concept in detail and resolved a workable scheme, followed by preparing formal planning drawings. 

We submitted a Planning Application to Pembrokeshire County Council but, upon expiry of the consultation period, a status report from the Planning Officer expressed concerns that the scheme did not fit well with the policies of the PCC LDP. Also Natural Resources Wales expressed concerns. So after discussions with us, our Clients agreed it would be wise to withdraw the current Planning Application. 

We are confident there should be an opportunity for planning success but, in terms of best interpretation of the the policies of the LDP, a local Planning Consultant has been appointed to assist with resolving a more appropriate way forward. We have also agreed a revised external lighting scheme with our Clients, aided by advice from our Ecologist, that should placate NRW.

Prior to attempting an application re-submission (within twelve months for a 'free go'), we have emailed the Planning Officer to request her opinion on a reconfigured approach and see if perhaps she might accommodate a meeting - but no reply has been forthcoming !

In the meantime, we amended our drawings to show a new external lighting scheme and the project Ecologist has updated her Bat Report and drafted a Working Brief for the benefit of NRW.

Our Planning Consultant has verified that the amended drawings are fine and our Clients have provided him with background information that only they can supply. He has now provided his Final Planning Statement & Justification Report, which allows us to continue with preparation of a new Planning Application for a 'free go'. 

New Enquiries:

  • Two-storey Rear Extension ... Detached House at Square & Compass.
  • Interior Remodelling Scheme ... Detached House at Hayscastle.

Last updated: 17th June 2019

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