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Here's what some of our Clients say ...

"We're really pleased. You have given us exactly what we wanted!"  

S & C.W  (Wolfscastle)


"Thank you for all your work on our behalf. We were very impressed and pleased with your proposals. It has all gone very smoothly, with an excellent outcome!"  

C.S  (Letterston)


"Planning and Building Regulations Approval granted - good news indeed! Thanks for all your efforts. Builders have been very complimentary about your plans!"  

D.N  (Dale)


"I must thank you for the great help you have been with the project. I would be sure to recommend your services to anyone in the future."  

K.P  (Hubberston)


"Excellent all round."  

I.W  (Solva)


"Your website was really helpful. It told me all I needed to know."  

S.C  (Mathry)


"Thank you for all your good work and assistance and for your time spent designing and preparing the building drawings, as well as submitting them on our behalf!"  

A.A  (Haverfordwest)


"Many thanks for all your efforts."  

J.M  (Crundale)


"Thank you for the work you have patiently done for us. You were so diligent!"  

C & J.S  (Lambston)


"Thank you very much for all your hard work!"  

R & A.E  (New Moat)


"People who see your plans are very impressed with them!"  

A.T  (Sealyham)


"Your plans are clear and easy to work from."  

H.P (builder) (Moylegrove)


"Thanks for your wonderful plans, valuable input and tireless good humour! All gratefully appreciated!"  

E & N.C  (Mathry / Fishguard)


"Thank you very much for doing such a good job and holding my hand through the planning process. You made it far less daunting!"  

R.W  (West Williamston)


"You've made a really nice job of the plans - thank you. We're really pleased with them."  

A & S.F (Roch)


"I would like to say that I am very pleased with the work you have done and your excellent advice and assistance. I put the early Planning Approval down to your excellent drawings and supporting documentation." 

A & J.P  (Rosemarket)




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Enjoy your visit!

Links for guidance:

For further information on Planning matters outside the National Park.

Pembrokeshire County Council

PCC Planning 

For further information on Planning matters in the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park

PCNPA Planning

For further information on Building Regulations matters across Pembrokshire.

Pembrokeshire County Council

Building Control

For general information on Planning Policy across Wales, including Technical Advice Notes and Supplementary Planning Guidance from the

Welsh Assembly Government

WAG Planning Guidance

For general information on Planning and Building Regulations matters in Wales.

Planning Portal - Wales

Planning Portal Wales

For inforrnation on applications for building over or near any drain designated as a Public Sewer.

Dwr Cymru Welsh Water

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